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The long awaited Church-in-Wales, Daily Prayer book is now available and is in stock. The book contains devotions for morning and evening prayer, plus prayers during the day. It also includes the Psalms.




Intercessions for Years A, B & C Ian Black, SPCK 2009
This is a collection of prayers to accompany the Common Worship lectionary. Wholly relevant to our everyday world, the intercessions do not sidestep the challenges of living faithfully in difficult circumstances; they do seek to inspire our minds and expand our hearts, as we offer up all we have and all we are, to the grace and mercy of God.


Towards the Light: Prayers through depression to healing.  Denis Duncan, SPCK 2009
Early in 2007, after a long and distinguished public ministry, Denis Duncan suffered three crises. One was financial, involving betrayal by someone to whom he had offered substantial help; one concerned a water leak that could not be traced, leading to a potential property disaster; the third was of a personal nature and had serious implications for his future. The result was a period of severe depression. This devotional diary, encompassing morning and evening prayers, charts the author's 'journey into darkness' and finally his 'journey towards the light'



PRAYERS OF INTERCESSION for Common Worship, by Susan Sayers, (Kevin Mayhew 1999) £24.99

Intercession involves us in the deepest relationships for it involves us not only with God but with all of his creation as we express our love and trust in him, our love and concern for each other and the whole world.

This prayer book covers  years A B & C. 





COMPLETE THEMED INTERCESSIONS by David Adams, (Kevin Mayhew 2007)     £29.99

Most of the intercessions in this book follow a simple structure: we pray in turn for the Church, the world, our families and friends, the ill and suffering, and the departed.   The prayers are offered as an aid and are not meant to replace your own prayers.   Arranged in themed sections and with handy topical index, they are suitable for church worship, smaller gatherings or individual devotion.



500 PRAYERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS by David Clowes, (Kingsway 2003) £12.99
To lead people in public prayer is one of life's greatest privileges. But how do we keep the prayers fresh and relevant, and avoid using the same old phrases?
David Clowes provides a rich variety of prayers in this useful resource for those involved in leading public prayer.


now with a new cover.    

Also available  500 more prayers









BEFORE WE BEGIN: Themed prayers leading into worship, by Nick Fawcett (Kevin Mayhew 2004) £9.99
The prayers that take place before a service begins an important part of worship, offering the opportunity to focus people's thoughts upon God so that they are better prepared to hear his word, glimpse his presence, and offer their response with body, mind and soul.

Before we begin includes more than 200 prayers, written in everyday language.  They are arranged thematically and include prayers for special days and events in Christian calendar.






PRAYERS OF PREPARATION: Vestry prayers for every Sunday of Common Worship, by Nick Fawcett (Kevin Mayhew) £11.99

Vestry prayers are an important part of worship.   Prayers of Preparation includes a short preparatory prayer, in everyday language, for every Sunday of the three-year cycle of the Common Worship Lectionary.   Each prayer is linked in some way to the Gospel reading so that it ties in with the theme or occasion to be celebrated and leads meaningfully into worship.



PRAYERS FOR ALL SEASONS :A comprehensive resource for public worship, by Nick Fawcett (Kevin Mayhew 1998)  £34.99    

In three sections, The Christian Year, Life and Faith and Ordinary Sundays, there are prayers for every situation - prayers of petition, praise, thanksgiving, confession and intercession, offertory and communion prayers, etc.   All are written in contemporary language for the needs and concerns of today.




PRAYERS FOR ALL SEASONS Book 2: A follow up resource of prayers for public worship, by Nick Fawcett, (Kevin Mayhew 2001) normal price £34.99   




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